Meetings & Education


Five seminar rooms for events of various sizes and types.

Five Flexible
Seminar Rooms

Our flexible seminar rooms provide the perfect space for inspiration, creativity, learning, and productivity. With large windows that bring the natural surroundings indoors, our newly renovated and fully modernized facility offers everything you need to make your event a success.

Room 1


2nd Floor | 85qm

Parliamentary: 36 seats
U-Shape: 26 seats
Carré: 28 seats
Block: 25 seats

Room 2


1st Floor | 69qm

Theater Style: 63 seats
Parliamentary: 36 seats
Carré: 63 seats
Carré: 16 seats each
U-Shape: 10 seats each

Room 3


Ground Floor | 26qm

Round: 6 seats

Room 4

Falkenstein I + II

Ground Floor | 64qm

Theater Style: 56 seats
Banquet: 32 – 40 seats
Block: 20 – 24 seats
U-Shape: 20 – 35 seats
Carré: 22 – 24 seats

Room 5


Basement | 127qm

Theater Style: 70 seats
Banquet: 48 – 64 seats
Carré: 28 seats

Diverse Hotel

Club Lounge 3 SitzMoeglichkeit
Garten-Club-Lounge 2
Garten Hotel Kempten

Take advantage of the versatile spaces at St. Raphael for your meetings and events. Our Club Lounge, idyllic garden, inviting grill area, and stylish bar offer flexible and inspiring environments for productive gatherings and relaxing breaks. Whether indoors or outdoors, you’ll find the perfect setting for successful meetings with us.

Your Stay

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